Upcoming Public Chat

Please join me for a public chat this Wednesday.  Come prepared with lots of web load testing questions, suggestions, and praise for the development team 🙂

Team System Developer & Test SKUs Public Chat

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 10am PST

Join us to discuss the Profiler, Test Tools (Unit, Generic, Manual), Web Load Testing, and Code Analysis (FxCop & PREFast).  We have questions for you, will answer questions from you, and will chat about the exciting new technology.


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  1. CRathjen says:

    Can I attend if I promise not to joke about our lighthouse being taller than yours? 🙂 🙂

    On a more serious note, I want to learn more about the automatic testcase generation stuff in Whidbey, so I’ll have to join some of these Team System Test chats…


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