Drag and Drop Business Objects into Word/Excel 2003/2007 Surface

Many a times we may need to drag drop business objects from custom pane(Addin/document level project) or Hosted application to Word surface. Consider a Tree Control having multiple nodes and different kinds of business objects. These business objects may need different kind the automation tasks when dropped at a particular location inside word surface. These…


Using LINQ in Excel VSTO with efficient Data Push to Excel Sheet

Wanted to show a simple example to demonstrate, how we could use LINQ in VSTO applications and efficiently populate data into excel. There are two ways you could chose to populate the data into excel based on your requirement. 1.       Use Open Xml SDK to open the contents of the file and populate the contents….


ClickOnce Deployment using IIS / Apache Server for VSTO :

We can use Clickonce deployment almost on any Http Web Server. Clickonce deployment makes it very easy for the endusers to install the required application. I found ClickOnce deployment particularly useful when you want to distribute addins and document level customized projects for Excel / Word to the enduser in an internet/intranet scenario. Below are…