Branch-Node Sync Part 2: Service Based Sync

In February’s issue I take a further look at the Sync Framework using Services in Windows Azure to sync corporate databases lets you scale to many more end nodes than are possible with direct-to-database synchronization.

Performance Serving Resources from Azure Storage versus WebRole Local Storage

In my last post I outlined a mechanism to provide some flexibility in updating web site content while by keeping those resources in Azure Storage, but reducing the per transaction costs associated with Azure Storage by caching the resources locally in Local Storage of a WebRole.  I did a quick test with my harness being…

Caching to and Serving Files from WebRole’s Local Storage

UPDATE:  Sample solution now available on Codeplex.  It is under AzureFileCache.  It still has a lot of rough edges and needs work, but might serve as a good starting point.  I’ve been working with Symon Communications on a Proof-of-Concept for porting some of their applications to Azure in the simplest terms that means moving the SQL data to SQL Azure…