Integrating SharePoint and Windows Azure Storage

Check out my latest column about pushing content from SharePoint up to Azure Storage and providing a working link still in SharePoint:

Using BLOB Storage: Updated Sample Code

I made some changes to my sample code after receiving some feedback (thanks Aleks) on best practices and ways that I could better write the code that I had used as a sample for the upload piece in the post Using BLOB Storage: Azure Storage and GAE Blobstore.  I thought that I might be useful…


Caching to and Serving Files from WebRole’s Local Storage

UPDATE:  Sample solution now available on Codeplex.  It is under AzureFileCache.  It still has a lot of rough edges and needs work, but might serve as a good starting point.  I’ve been working with Symon Communications on a Proof-of-Concept for porting some of their applications to Azure in the simplest terms that means moving the SQL data to SQL Azure…