Automating Process Dump for Azure Functions using Kudu and Alerts

Recently I was asked how I might programmatically dump the w3wp process for a Function App.  Jeremy Brooks (fellow Microsoftie) pointed out that I could issue the same GET requests used in Kudu to show process information in the dashboard.  So, before I get to the automation, I’ll review fetching information using Postman. Setup Deployment…


March MSDN: Cloud Services Mashup

In my March column entry I go through combining several cloud services using ACS to authenticate via Facebook and build a demo application.  


Branch-Node Sync Part 2: Service Based Sync

In February’s issue I take a further look at the Sync Framework using Services in Windows Azure to sync corporate databases lets you scale to many more end nodes than are possible with direct-to-database synchronization.


Branch-Node Synchronization with SQL Azure

The latest installment to my column is available at  It is a primer on architecture and code using Sync Framework and SQL Azure.  Look for February’s installment to delve into data synchronization using web services in Windows Azure.


Choosing Azure Data Storage

Check out my latest column regarding SQL Azure and Windows Azure Storage:    


Azure Migration Workshop

We (Microsoft Technology Center) and Neudesic recently held an Azure migration workshop.  The goal was to bring in some interested customers and (or) ISVs and see what it would take to migrate some of their applications to Azure (Compute, SQL, & Storage).  The reason for this post is that one of the participants had an…


Querying Azure Perf Counter Data with LINQ

For a recent project I needed to collect performance counter data for the Web Roles that I had running.  There are various blog and forum posts and some documentation on how to accomplish this, but I was still getting a little caught up on how to get the data from the table in a useable…


Sample Solution for for Azure Web Role Caching

It isn’t, by any measure, the prettiest code or cleanest code in the world, but I’ve published a sample solution that contains the code used to upload blobs, fetch and cache them to a web role LocalResource, and subsequently serve them as requested via web pages.  This is related to several recent posts, but comes…


Using BLOB Storage: Updated Sample Code

I made some changes to my sample code after receiving some feedback (thanks Aleks) on best practices and ways that I could better write the code that I had used as a sample for the upload piece in the post Using BLOB Storage: Azure Storage and GAE Blobstore.  I thought that I might be useful…