Recursive Upload from Disk to Azure Storage

2016 Aug 15 – Updated to work with latest C# libs using System; using System.IO; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Blob;     namespace UploadToStorage {     class Program     {         const string StorageAccountConnectionString = “DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=[your account];AccountKey=[your key]”;         const string RootContainerName =”servetest”;         const string startingFolder = @”C:\[your path]”;           static System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection…


Integrating SharePoint and Windows Azure Storage

Check out my latest column about pushing content from SharePoint up to Azure Storage and providing a working link still in SharePoint:


Sample Solution for for Azure Web Role Caching

It isn’t, by any measure, the prettiest code or cleanest code in the world, but I’ve published a sample solution that contains the code used to upload blobs, fetch and cache them to a web role LocalResource, and subsequently serve them as requested via web pages.  This is related to several recent posts, but comes…


Using BLOB Storage: Updated Sample Code

I made some changes to my sample code after receiving some feedback (thanks Aleks) on best practices and ways that I could better write the code that I had used as a sample for the upload piece in the post Using BLOB Storage: Azure Storage and GAE Blobstore.  I thought that I might be useful…


Using BLOB Storage: Azure Storage and GAE Blobstore

[Updated Azure Storage Sample Code: the code used for Storage in this post has been scrubbed and updated and posted]    Anyone that has read my recent posts, or posts by many others out there, can see examples how to upload single and multiple files into Azure Storage (Storage).  Likewise, there are a number of examples out there…


Migrating Windows Service to Azure Worker Role: Image Conversion Example using Storage

In my work with Symon Communications we had to move the pieces of their solution from their current Windows Services implementations to something that would work well in the cloud.  These services would run in the background to collect, transform, and prepare data.  This seemed like a natural fit for the use of a worker…


Performance Serving Resources from Azure Storage versus WebRole Local Storage

In my last post I outlined a mechanism to provide some flexibility in updating web site content while by keeping those resources in Azure Storage, but reducing the per transaction costs associated with Azure Storage by caching the resources locally in Local Storage of a WebRole.  I did a quick test with my harness being…