Basic Understanding of Matrix Transformation

Left to my own devices and not having good clear documentation this is my observation on how it works, but as it is just an informed guess I may be inaccurate.  This is targeted at people that are just starting to learn WPF Technorati Tags: WPF 4,Matrx Transformation,XAML image inversion <Grid> <Image Source="C:\Users\jofultz\Pictures\8fold.png" Width="320" Height="240"…


Implementing Rotate with Single Contact Point in WPF4 & Windows 7

By default there is no rotation (or zoom for that matter) behavior for a single touch point.  However, working on my laptop I am limited to a single touch point.  So, I wanted to see what I could do.  Borrowing from a friend and co-worker’s example I created a simple WPF multi-touch app with an…


Azure Development Storage Database Deleted

Story goes something like this (btw, autonumber in Live Writer won’t let me start at 0): Install the tools and sdk to do some Azure development. I decide to install a non-Express version of SQL Server 2008. I decide I no longer need the SQL Express installation and uninstall it. time goes by….. One day…


Enabling The PUT Verb with Handlers and IIS 7.0

If you are trying to setup a handler to respond to an HTTP PUT unless you already know how to do it you are likely receiving and HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed error.  This is one of those things that is actually pretty easy once you figure it out.  Basically, you need to make some…


WCF Service with SQL Classes vs Entity Framework

I was creating a simple service to return some data from a Pubs (yes, Pubs) instance on my machine.  The service was created to serve data to a SilverLigh client that I am creating.  In my first attempt I used SQL Classes to generate entities against which I wrote LINQ.  I kept receiving an error…


Dynamically loading loose XAML for styles in WPF

I was asked for a sample of how to do this and it is not difficult, but since someone asked I thought I’d go ahead and drop it out here, because it might show up in someone’s search result and help. The problem was that the person with whom I was working wanted to be…


MOSS BDC Development Book

Brett Lonsdale and Nick Swan have put together a book that provides a thorough coverage using, configuring, and developing applications using the Business Data Catalog.  In addition, there are sections dedicated to Oracle, SAP, and Siebel.  Take a look:


Designer and Type Reflection Issue in early WF 4.0 bits

While I was working out some samples using WF 4.0 I ran into a tuple of bugs (yes, that is a soundex pun).  I have a Receive activity where I have set the ValueType to x:String.  The out argument is assigned to a string variable named Message.  Subsequently, the variable Message is used in the WF. …


Problems in building WF 4.0 based Service

I created a sample service use WF 4.0 XAML only. When I tried to run it I got an error telling me that I had not enabled publishing of metadata. However, I had added the following:<service name=”TestService” behaviorConfiguration=”WFStockPriceApplication.TestServiceBehavior”><endpoint address=”mex” binding=”mexHttpBinding” contract=”IMetadataExchange”/><endpoint name=”TestService” address=”” binding=”basicHttpBinding” contract=”TestServiceContract”/></service>…<serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled=”True”/><serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults=”True”/></behavior></serviceBehaviors>I added them in the appropriate place, but it…


Adding Items to the Toolbox in WF 4.0

I was working through a HOL not following directions (as usual) and I hit an error. The code block was:ToolboxControl toolbox = new ToolboxControl();ToolboxCategoryItemsCollection categories = new ToolboxCategoryItemsCollection(“My Category”);ToolboxItemWrapper tool = new ToolboxItemWrapper(“CustomActivities.Prompt”, ” CustomActivities”, null, null);ToolboxItemWrapper(“System.Activities.Statements.Sequence”, ” System.Activities”, null, “Sequence”);categories.Tools.Add(tool);categories.Tools.Add(tool2);toolbox.Categories.Add(categories);When it ran I would get a run time error at the when toolbox.Categories.Add(categories) executed….