Exchange Component Architecture Poster

I’m not an expert on Exchange, but I have several projects with Exchange involved, so that poster seems useful. Also, a printed version on the TechNet Magazine. Technorati tags: exchange 2007, architecture


More than one thousand orchestrations per second

Finally it’s public, last summer I worked on a benchmark in order to prove the viability of BizTalk processing 62 million messages (with orchestrations involved) each day. That means more than 1,000 messages per second. It was pretty fun, we started with a very small number -as usual on performance testing-, and grew up until…


Building from scratch

Architecting systems you can build from scratch or evolve an existing one. A lot of pros and cons on both, but one of the pros of the new ones is how clean can be. I have been for some time with SlaterLabs, building a core banking solution in .NET. As soon as we started to…