PInvoke Site

I have found a wiki-site about PInvoke. Nice idea from Adam Nathan.


Support of import in xsd.exe

I was trying to create a C# class with xsd.exe from an schema that imports others schemas like that xsd.exe /c schema.xsd and it fails miserably reporting an error like “The datatype ‘xxx’ is missing.”. Basically xsd.exe doesn’t resolve the schemaLocation attribute. Dare Obasanjo’s article addresses the problem, and Scott Hanselman had the same problem…


VSIP Extras for the VSIP SDK 2003 released

We are developing some tools integrated in VS.NET, and seems that the VSIP Extras for the VSIP SDK 2003 have been released.


More on Secure Code

Since my post on Secure Code I have been searching for resources on Microsoft about writting secure code. I have found a dedicated page on the Microsoft Security Developer Center, a PAG guide, some guides and checklists, some code samples, the tool Windows Application Verifier, the book “Writting Secure Code, Second Edition”, and not in the Microsoft site…


MSF vs. XP

The purpose of this article is to discuss about the relationship of these two methodologies. A basic understanding of both of them is assumed, if it is not the case, please go to the bibliography to find a couple of articles describing them. We are talking about MSF for Application Development, because XP is related…


Rendering Engine vs Forms on design time

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting design discussion about developing a smart client. This application is being developed with Windows Forms and is going to have more than a thousand forms. The center of the discussion was about creating the forms on design time -we can call it ‘static’ forms solution-, or…


Secure code

I have been involved on a local focus group about writing secure code. Basically the idea is think about how Microsoft can help the developers in doing secure code, with a similar meaning as the book Writing Secure Code. I would like to ear about what we are doing well and bad, what is more…


Another application for WordML

At least the different articles I have read are using WordML in a different way than we are. The main use of WordML is for obtain a set of data in XML. They are using Word as a entry of formatted data. We are using it for the opposite. We create a report template in…


Integrating 3270 applications with a SOA

Currently I’m working on the implementation of a kind of service oriented architecture, with  the challenge (isn’t it the right way of calling it) of integrating a bunch of 3270 applications -about 2K green screens-. The solution design we are working on is consuming the 3270 screen on a middleware (BizTalk 2004) via XML. For the…


Coding Standards

Rido has post a kind of poll about the naming of private members. Some comments on using PascalCase, camelCase, _undescore… IMHO, the point is to have consensus on the development team. That can be a personal -very subjective- preference, with similar arguments in each case -more readable, more meaningful…-. What I think can be a…