Online training

Probably you already know, but is worth to remember these sites Microsoft Learning  MSDN Virtual labs PDC 2005 Sessions Shows & WebCasts  


Madrid .NET User Group

There is a .NET User Group in Madrid, <Spanish Content>MAD.NUG</Spanish Content> They are starting to starting to preparring some meetings and sessions, and Rido has one session about TDD next thursday. If you are in Madrid I would recomend you to attend.


Scrum at Microsoft

I have a lot of interest on software engineering, specially on the agile movement, and the last three or four years have been an increasing interest on agile methods in Microsoft, but I didn’t expect this kind of publicity,  Microsoft Lauds ‘Scrum’ Method for Software Projects. If interested in that subject you can look at Scrum for Project…


Downloads for VS2005 RTM

Starting with Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1.2 already available, and seems that WinFx beta is close


Initiative on creating a Handbook of Software Architecture

Grady Booch presented an initiative for creating a Handbook of Software Architecture in the last OOPSLA. Could be an interesting place to have an eye on it and make some contributions.


Domain Specific Languages

A domain-specific language (DSL) is a programming language designed to be useful for a specific set of tasks, in contrast to general-purpose programming languages. Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago I had the oportunity of assist to an event here, in Madrid, about DSLs, with Beat Schwegler and Ingo Rammer. The sessions was pretty good…