First post – Welcome

This is my first post, so I feel the need of doing a little presentation.

After discussing with a couple of friends I have decided to write in english -Rido has decided post in spanish-. My first language is Spanish, so be prepared to a lot of grammatical mistakes. Even with that handicap, I hope you don't have problems understanding the posts. -any comments on that? better english or spanish?-.

Actually I'm working as consultant in Microsoft Spain. I typically collaborate in projects with the role of software architect, eventually combined with project manager role. This means that sometimes I have to design the solution, sometimes to provide technological advise, sometimes to review the current design. Despite all of these circumstantial details, I consider myself a developer. Basically I enjoy my job.

Some of my interests are the development methods -especially the agile movement-, development/design techniques and tools, languages -actually C#- and distributed systems -starting with Indigo-. Sometimes my focus is driven by the project needs, so the posts can be very diverse.


Comments (1)

  1. English will probably reach a wider audience. On the other hand it promotes something that is very sad: native Spanish speakers who cannot express technical ideas in Spanish. Some people even consider it "inadequate" (I do have heard people saying "If you know how to say it in English, why use Spanish?").

    Suggestion: Don’t stick to a "standard", just use whatever you feel like for the day. It looks like Rido is already mixing.


    Un Español en NY desarrollando en C#

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