Creating a Customized Guidance Repository

As a consultant part of my job is to provide guidance to our customers on the best way to use our technology, namely in terms of application development practices. Over time, you start to better understand the type of customer you’re working with, what works, what doesn’t and you start to optimize your own delivery…


Economics of Agile Software Development

Dr. Laurie Williams has been a long-time researcher on Agile methods and their impact on software engineering. She and her students have published a number of very interesting papers on varied subjects, particularly on the economics of agile practices, like Test Driven Development (TDD) or Pair Programming. You can find a list of publications here.


Unit Testing User Interfaces (Updated!)

Usually one of the major difficulties a developer faces when writing unit tests is how to write test code for User Interfaces. This is particularly important when we’re doing Test-Driven Development. The Visual Studio .NET IDE makes it difficult to unit test Windows Forms applications, because if we want to keep the test code decoupled from the…


Testable code

Previously I mentioned that one of the most important benefits I get from using TDD is that it drives me to write more testable code. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about this, and another recent post from Chris Dickens made we even more aware of the importance behind writing testable code. Chris states:  “As…


TDD Adoption Numbers

Matt Hawley posted a few numbers in order to justify/support the adoption of TDD. I’ve found an interesting research paper on the subject, from Matthias Müller and Frank Padberg from the Karlsruhe University in Germany. Some of my personal views on the subject are: I do find there’s a slight overhead to developing Test-First. However…