Loading .config files in NUnit

Last week I gave a presentation at Microsoft DevDays 2004 in Lisbon on Test-Driven Development. A day later I got this interesting question: “(…) if I’m testing a DLL assembly that uses a .config file to read in data, when I run the tests, NUnit loads it’s own .config file and all my tests fail….


Unit Testing User Interfaces (Updated!)

Usually one of the major difficulties a developer faces when writing unit tests is how to write test code for User Interfaces. This is particularly important when we’re doing Test-Driven Development. The Visual Studio .NET IDE makes it difficult to unit test Windows Forms applications, because if we want to keep the test code decoupled from the…


WiX: Managed Custom Actions

I’ve added WiX to my build process to automate the production of windows installer packages for my product. I’m not very proficient with Windows Installer technology, so I thought I might get by with what I’ve seen is already a “traditional” approach: dark an MSI created by a Visual Studio Setup Project. Well, I knew…


Unit testing session

During TechEd’04 in Amsterdam I attended a Birds Of a Feather session on how to integrate unit testing into the Software Development Life-Cycle. For those who are unfamiliar with the format of these sessions, it’s a speaker moderated discussion, where we can ask questions and have them answered and commented by the speaker and other…


Branching Strategies

Under Software Configuration Management, branching and merging are common features that help maintain stable code bases and scale the development effort by synchronizing parallel development. However, depending on the size of your product, the size of your team, your isolation requirements and your development cycle, parallel development can become quite overwhelming, so it’s very important…


Synching TFS with other Source Control systems

Many of us in the field have come across heterogeneous source control environments within the same organization. Some organizations, having multiple source control systems, wish to have some way of synchronizing TFS with their other systems. I’ve seen this when development teams who are used to the Microsoft development tools tend to prefer Team Foundation…


Economics of Agile Software Development

Dr. Laurie Williams has been a long-time researcher on Agile methods and their impact on software engineering. She and her students have published a number of very interesting papers on varied subjects, particularly on the economics of agile practices, like Test Driven Development (TDD) or Pair Programming. You can find a list of publications here.


Setting up a Visual Studio 2008 PowerShell Prompt

I finally got some time to setup a powershell script that mimics the vcvars32.bat file that the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt loads (if you’re on a 32-bit machine) and sets up all the environment variables for using the development command-line tools. To create your own VS 2008 PowerShell Prompt just create a text file…


Right-Brain Thinking In Software Development

I absolutely love software development. And what I love the most in software development is it’s creative aspect. I believe there is not one developer in the world who hasn’t yet experienced, at least once, an “eureka” moment. You know, those insights that you get after hours or days spent thinking about a problem or…


How To: Extend the Network Types for a Visual Studio Load Test

Out-of-the-box Visual Studio allows testers to define a network mix for load tests with the following network profiles: LAN T3 6.0 Mps T1 Cable/DSL 1.5Mbps Cable/DSL 768k Cable/DSL 384k Dial-up 56k Dial-up 33.6k Dial-up 28.8k If we want to add an additional entry, say “Dial-up 128k”, we’ll have to add a new network profile definition…