Right-Brain Thinking In Software Development

I absolutely love software development. And what I love the most in software development is it’s creative aspect. I believe there is not one developer in the world who hasn’t yet experienced, at least once, an “eureka” moment. You know, those insights that you get after hours or days spent thinking about a problem or…


Entrepreneurs: How to get started

Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist and one of the greatest public speakers in our industry. From his experience as a venture capitalist Guy’s written a very interesting post advising young entrepreneurs on how best to start their software company. So, if you’re planning on starting up your own company, here’s a piece of advice…


Creating a Customized Guidance Repository

As a consultant part of my job is to provide guidance to our customers on the best way to use our technology, namely in terms of application development practices. Over time, you start to better understand the type of customer you’re working with, what works, what doesn’t and you start to optimize your own delivery…


Application Architecture Guide 2.0

The Patterns & Practices team is finally going to update their fantastic Application Architecture Guide. Since it’s release in 2002 this guide has been a favorite of mine. It’s somewhat dated but it contains sound design principles that stand the test of time. Now the team is working on V2, which is planned for the…


Synching TFS with other Source Control systems

Many of us in the field have come across heterogeneous source control environments within the same organization. Some organizations, having multiple source control systems, wish to have some way of synchronizing TFS with their other systems. I’ve seen this when development teams who are used to the Microsoft development tools tend to prefer Team Foundation…


Economics of Agile Software Development

Dr. Laurie Williams has been a long-time researcher on Agile methods and their impact on software engineering. She and her students have published a number of very interesting papers on varied subjects, particularly on the economics of agile practices, like Test Driven Development (TDD) or Pair Programming. You can find a list of publications here.


About me

I am a consultant working for Microsoft Consulting Services. I design enterprise software for major customers, mostly in the financial services and public administration markets. As many youngsters of my generation, I first got exposed to computers in early 1980’s through the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and movies like War Games. I specialized in object-oriented programming, particularly in building enterprise software.Today I’m…

Design in Context

I have always been fascinated by building design and architecture. My brother is an architect and we have long talks on the subject, where we discuss not only the works of particular architects or artists, but the nature and profession of building design. I find these talks stimulating because I can relate to most of…


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How To: Extend the Network Types for a Visual Studio Load Test

Out-of-the-box Visual Studio allows testers to define a network mix for load tests with the following network profiles: LAN T3 6.0 Mps T1 Cable/DSL 1.5Mbps Cable/DSL 768k Cable/DSL 384k Dial-up 56k Dial-up 33.6k Dial-up 28.8k If we want to add an additional entry, say “Dial-up 128k”, we’ll have to add a new network profile definition…