Unspecified automation error when launching Excel with the BAM add-in enabled

Right when I needed to make a change in a hurry to a BAM Activity, I started throwing an “Unspecified Automation Error” on two of my three development machines when launching Excel with the BAM add-in.  Excel would launch, throw the error, then launch a VBA window.  While I got my change in on the… Read more

Windows 8 – First impressions and the Hyper-V startup trick

I’ve been running Windows 8 as my primary OS since the Consumer Preview was released and thus far have been really impressed.  Really.  A lot.  There admittedly has been a learning curve – e.g. it’s taken awhile to get used to the Modern desktop and switching context between that and the desktop, where I spend… Read more

Exporting XML columns from SQL to file in SSIS

I had a requirement to facilitate some testing with an internal customer which involves periodically exporting XML which we store in SQL Server as XML data types.  One requirement was to use some column data (e.g. a sequence number, dateTime and identifier) being returned in the query as part of the file name.  Obviously I was going to… Read more

A Tale of Two Throttling States (6)

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen, in two completely separate environments, all host instances go to throttling state 6, which is defined as the host message queue size, the spool table size or the tracking table size exceeding the specified threshold.  In both cases, when I checked the message box counters in perfmon, the tracking table… Read more