Creating a completely virtualized cluster using Hyper-V and Windows Storage Server 2008

I’ve been doing a lot of scripting work lately, automating product installs, OS configuation and deployment of our core application with a lot of PowerShell scripts, with the ultimate goal of being able to automate a “bare metal” installation of our client’s entire environment using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).  Part of this process which has been challenging is… Read more

Perms, perms, perms (or deploying BAM activities with cubes when Analysis Services runs as a different service account)

This will be the first of a two part blog post about real-world adventures in BAM deployment.  As time has proven over and over, permissions and environment variables tend to trip even the most careful planners up when deploying artifacts to non-development environments.   I have developed a BAM solution for a customer which has been… Read more

The right tool for the right job

Here’s a little gem I discovered today.  I am running down a permissions issue with BAM and SQL Server Analysis Services.  On my local dev box, I wanted to fully emulate the permissions from my full-blown dev environment, so in my Services MMC, I changed the Analysis Services log on account from LocalSystem to the… Read more

Do I need to install SSIS on my BizTalk server to configure and use BAM? NO!

The various supporting components required to support BizTalk are very well understood – we need Enterprise Single Sign On, SQL Server Database Services, SQL Server Integration Services if we’re running BAM Tools (plus Analysis Services if we’re enabling BAM Aggregations), SQL Server Notification Services if we are using BAM Alerts, IIS to support the BAM Portal,… Read more

Minimal security settings for a Analysis Services service account

As an add-on to my previous post about adding Analysis Services to an existing SQL cluster, I thought it might also be helpful to list the various security settings which need to be set to allow SSAS to not only run but accept connections.  Again, in a dev environment, if your “service account” is an… Read more

Setting up Analysis Services on an existing SQL cluster

Another infrastructure issue that I ran into while deploying my BAM solution out into the “real” world was that in our post-dev environments SQL is clustered and we would be installing Analysis Services to a cluster which already has SQL Server installed, so I decided to “practice” installing Analysis Services to a SQL cluster in… Read more

Setting up SSIS on a SQL Server which does not have a default SQL instance

This one caught me a few weeks ago setting up the infrastructure to support my BAM solution in a new environment.  Although the environment was already setup for BizTalk, it had never been configured for BAM.  I needed to install the SQL Workstation Components on the BizTalk servers, as well as SQL Server Integration Services… Read more

Welcome to my blog!

Who am I?  My name is John Scott and I’m a consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services, located in the central region, but I tend to work wherever the projects may take me.  I’ve been doing the IT thing professionally now for just over a dozen years, and got an opportunity back when BizTalk 2000 first came… Read more