The Azure PowerShell session has not been properly initialized.

I recently tried to update my Azure PowerShell version and noticed that even though I had run the "Install-Module AzureRM -force -allowclobber" command, which SHOULD overwrite your current version, I was still stuck on version 3.8.0 instead of the 4.1.0 version (latest) I was trying to install.  Doing a "Get-Module -Name Azure" showed BOTH versions installed.

I played with a few things, including forcibly uninstalling some of the modules under the "Azure" module, and eventually got what appeared to be a correct version running.  However, when I tried to run a simple command (e.g. Get-AzureRMResourceGroup) I would receive the following error:

"Get-AzureRMResouceGroup:  The Azure PowerShell session has not been properly initialized.  Please import the module and try again."

After re-running the install a few times, I had an inkling that I had "something" corrupt/old that was causing these issues.  I end up installing a lot of SDKs, tools, add-ins, both pre-release and RTM on my machine and something somewhere was unhappy and getting hung up.  To fix this, I did the following:

  1. get-module azure* -list |uninstall-module
    1. This will uninstall all modules starting with azure*.  You probably will get some red on this as there are a few order of operation dependencies.  Just roll on.
  2. In control panel, uninstall all of the Azure related widgets which have been installed
  3. Reboot
  4. Repeat Step 1 to remove any final modules which may exist (in my case AzureRM.Profile).
  5. Install Azure PowerShell via your favorite means (WebPI, PowerShell, MSI).

After I'd 'cleaned' my installs, no more issues.

HTH someone


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  1. Aliaksandra says:

    Helped me after updating to AzureRM 4.2.1

    1. jftl6y_007 says:

      Glad it helped!

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