Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell Failing after SharePoint Install

I have some PowerShell scripts that run PreRequisiteInstaller.exe, Setup.exe, and then configure a farm based on an XML configuration file.  I noticed that if Setup.exe did not prompt for a reboot, that my script would fail with the following error directly after Setup.exe completed.  The line that is failing is the Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell line :…


User Profile Sync Service stuck on Starting, Multi Tenant version

Spent some quality time configuring a SharePoint 2010 Multi Tenant environment.  It’s a really cool feature for hosting scenarios in which you need to ensure client data is isolated at the service application level.  Check out Spencer Harbar’s Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy and the Microsoft Hosting Model Poster for info on setting it up….


People Picker, why don’t you trust me?

Working with an environment where the QA and development machines are in a Test domain, while the production farm and all the primary users are in another domain.  There is a one way domain level trust where the test domain trusts the production domain.  In SharePoint 2007, we ran SetAppPassword and PeoplePicker-SearchADForests and everything worked…


What in the User Profile Service Application is going on here?

While working with PowerShell to build out Service Applications, I managed to get my test farm into a state where I no longer had a User Profile Service Application, but the user profile timer jobs were still around.  Trying to create a new User Profile Service Application would result in the following : New-SPProfileServiceApplication :…


Copying Lists with PowerShell in SharePoint 2010

While working through an upgrade issue, we had a need to move about 14 Discussion Boards to a subweb.  We initially went the old school route of saving the lists as a template, including the content, then creating lists using the templates.  The content came across, but the Created By fields were showing the user…


System.Security.SecurityException accessing TermSet

During some upgrade testing, a customer found one of their custom controls not working in the 2010 environment.  They had built out a custom search web part that contained a custom property picker control.  The custom property picker control allowed users to leverage the Picker.aspx page to select specific properties that are associated with a…


PowerShell to change the UIVersion on a subweb in SharePoint 2010

Recently ran into the need to revert a specific web back to the SharePoint 2007 UI after an upgrade to SharePoint 2010.  The main reason for the change was a custom masterpage that was not ready for the 2010 styles and ribbon.  After the UI was upgraded, the masterpage rendering was pretty bad.  The Site…


Config Wizard Failing on a specific content database in SharePoint 2010

I had a good time patching my SharePoint 2010 Dev VM today and thought I would share.  This is another good reason that you should detach your content databases prior to patching  I started out with my box at RTM SharePoint 2010.  Downloaded the August 2010 Cumulative Update.  Ran the setup, rebooted when prompted, then…


Custom Search Web Parts in 2010

The SharePoint 2010 out-of-the box People Search Core Results web part in SharePoint 2010 has the ability to sort search results by name.  The option actually sorts FirstName, then LastName…likely because the XSLT displays the names as FirstName LastName.  A likely common scenario will be to sort the results by LastName, then FirstName like you…