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  1. Bluguy says:

    Thanks for this information!

    I got "Access denied" in CA with one of my administrator users, mainly when clicking links in the Application Management section. Starting CA using its proper start menu link remedied the problem! (Though it gives me a UAC prompt to elevate privileges, something I don't get using my other administrator account. Hmm…)

  2. Martin says:


    I have the same problem as you. Windows 7 with Sharepoint Foundation 2010. In my central admin site the same links are missing. Unfortunately your suggestions did not work for me. Obviously the reason lies in Windows 7 but there is something else to it other than elevation and enhanced security.

  3. Tyson says:

    Thanks, exactly what I needed!

  4. Bidya Sagar says:

    Thanks. You saved my lot of time.

  5. Wade says:

    Like Martin, I too am still missing some links no matter which approach I take at bringing up the management console. What a pain.

  6. Jerry_Orman says:

    Here's a KB article talking about missing permissions causing this behavior as well. May be worth a try, but I would try it out in a dev/test environment before going to prod since there are quite a few permission changes listed.

    Configuration options are missing on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site…/EN-US

  7. Sean says:

    I also thought I was losing my mind.  Thanks for restoring my sanity!

  8. Tshepo says:

    Good day, hope you guys can help me, on the EMPDEV site i changed the EPMDEVadministrator to EPMDEVtshepo though i did not change any password, when i log into the epmdev site it gives me an error. it says Access Denied and tells me to sign in as a different user. please help a brother out

  9. Will says:

    This was driving me NUTS!!!  Thank you so much for posting!

  10. Johan says:

    Nice find. Much appreciated 🙂

  11. Thanks Jerry. This is life saver tip. I was about to reinstall everything..

  12. Jusatec says:

    Thanks this helped

  13. Neeti Jain. says:

    Thanks. This helped.

  14. Kalpana says:

    Thank you so much. I disabled the UAC and that's how it worked for me. Once again, thanks a ton 🙂

  15. Frank says:

    Great post, old but still usefull. I had the same problem on my Sharepoint 2013. But none of this helped. In my case it was the AppPool user account that was wrong. Changed it to the farmadmin and voila it worked. 😉

  16. BlueSky2010 says:

    Thanks Jerry for putting this together!

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