SharePoint My Site link stops redirecting users to their Personal Site

Hopefully this can save someone some time.  The symptoms are:

  • Clicking the My Site link in a SharePoint site results in an IIS 404 File Not Found error page being returned.  However, you are able to browse directly to the users My Site by browsing http://mysite/personal/user.  [http://mysite is the URL to the web application hosting the Personal Sites]. 

  • Browsing anything in _layouts on this Web Application returns an IIS 404 File Not Found error page.  For example, the following URL would fail:  http://mysite/personal/user/_layouts/settings.aspx.

  • IIS shows the _layouts directory and it is configured the way other working web applications are configured.

After doing some troubleshooting, we found that IIS is not trying to load any files from the Web Application content path.  So the web.config is not even being looked for when browsing _layouts or the root of the My Site.  We were able to find that the site collection in the root of the Web Application was missing.  You can check for a Site Collection at "/" using "stsadm.exe -o enumsites -url http://mysite" or browsing Central Admin | Application Management | Site Collection List.

The root site collection in the My Site Web Application redirects users to their Personal Site.  If the user does not have a My Site, this Site Collection creates one for them.  It also displays the public information about users.   Since this site was missing, SharePoint returns a 404 File Not Found message and no one is redirected to their My Site.

The reason the Site Collection was missing was because an admin tried to delete a user's My Site.  The tricky part in this situation is when a user browses another person's My Site, they get redirected to a page in the root site collection.  Here's the scenario:

  1. You need to delete user bobsmith's My Site and decide to do this by browsing the Site Collection, going into Site Settings and deleting the Site Collection.

  2. Open a browser and enter the URL to the persons My Site: http://mysites/personal/bobsmith . 

  3. Since you are not logged in as bobsmith, you get redirected to http://mysite/person.aspx?accountname...

  4. When you click on Site Actions | Site Settings, you are really doing this on the root Site Collection at "/" and not the one for bobsmith at /personal/bobsmith.  Deleting the Site Collection in this manner, will result in the root Site Collection being deleted.

  5. It is important to note that by default the SharePoint System account is the only account that can perform the delete action.

In order to get the Site Collection back, you need to do the following:

  1. Browse Central Administration | Application Management

  2. Click Create Site Collection

  3. Select the My Site Web Application

  4. Set the Title to My Site

  5. For URL, select the "/" option for the root 

  6. Select the My Site Host site template on the Enterprise tab

  7. Set the SharePoint System account as the owner.

  8. Click OK

 If you need to delete an individual's My Site, you need to use the Delete Site Collection option in Central Admin | Application Management, or the STSAdm.exe command-line (stsadm -o deletesite -url http://mysite/personal/bobsmith).

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  1. CosminO says:


    Of course, I tried to delete a user’s My Site.

    (to make sure we are on the same track, it’s about MOSS 2007)

    After I completed steps 1 to 8 on the last page it’s showing me the url of my new site collection http://server:7311/ telling me that I can access it. In there I have a button "Set as My Site Host" and once this has been set, this page should always redirect to the user’s My Site.

    The problem is that when I click the button, I receive a message "File not found".

    Except this issue all settings are in place; when I click the link My Site doesn’t redirect me to My Site. My Site is not created for a new user.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  2. Todd says:

    This is exactly what has happened to us.  However, the only hitch in this is that it will not let us pick the root in step 5.  It is forcing us to put SOMETHING in the URL.  

    Not sure where to go from that point?

  3. habnix says:

    Same here like Todd — I have to choose a URL under /personal/ or /sites/ – can't select the / root.

  4. At0micAnt says:

    I could get to the root by amending the Defined Paths. But as Todd mentioned, I have to put something in the URL.

    I also find that I can get to the root site collection fine through SP Designer. Everything is there and looks fine.

  5. At0micAnt says:

    I could get to the root by amending the Defined Paths. But as Todd mentioned, I have to put something in the URL.

    I also find that I can get to the root site collection fine through SP Designer. Everything is there and looks fine.

  6. Jerry_Orman says:

    If you can open the root in SharePoint Designer, then the root site collection is still there.  This is why you can't create a new site collection at the root.

    If you're having the issue of the root site collection not redirecting, it may be a different problem than the one I posted about in the blog.  You could try deleting the root site collection from Central Admin, then recreating it with the My Site Host template.

  7. says:

    Repair  "site collection" root

    My root site collection is broken.

    So I've tried to create a new one using Central Admin and it doesn't work. (getting unknown error)

    I've tried to open the site collection root using the SharePoint designer; I cannot.

    I've thought the default.aspx file has been deleted by mistake but how I can copy a new one (using SharePoint designer I cannot)?


  8. says:

    Hi Jerry

    we currently have a sharepoint site with ssl using 443, we have setup mysites on central admin and when we try to access mysites on sharepoint site we get error http:404 not found,any ideas?

    we also provisioned a new web app and a new site collection , we get the same error .


  9. Neogy says:

    I have a simillar issue BUT it affects just one user. How do I resolve it?


  10. Jeff says:

    Jerry, I did the exact same thing by accident and this worked nicely and saved me lots of time. Thanks!

  11. Javier Martínez says:

    Dear All, in my case, I am using SharePoint multitenant 2013. I got into this problem after moving a customer site into HTTPS. The site worked fine, but all the links to "mysites" were broken, and shows an error 404.

    "file not found"

    After a lot of testing and eating documents, I found this way to solve it. I must reissue the command to set the "UserProfileConfig" on the specific site Subscription.

    First, get the site subscription of the specific site:


    Copy the ID of the desired site to repair. (ex: 1e06de52-43c8-4863-b9b2-f88e9101958a)

    $sub = Get-SpSiteSubscription 1e06de52-43c8-4863-b9b2-f88e9101958a

    You must need the data of the Service Application proxy (this will vary on your environment)

    $upaProxyName = "Hosting Farm Tenant User Profile Service Proxy"

    $upaProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where-object {$_.DisplayName -eq $upaProxyName}

    And the data of your "customer"

    $customerName = fabrikam

    $url =

    Then issute this command to redirect correctly the mysites into the https url.

    Set-SPSiteSubscriptionProfileConfig -id $sub -SynchronizationOU $customerName -MySiteHostLocation $url/mysites" -MySiteManagedPath "/mysites/personal" -SiteNamingConflictResolution "None" -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $upaProxy

    After the spell… the MySites worked fine again.

    I hope this will help anybody. Is very specific Deployment under multitenant and moving into https.



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