Silverlight Video of Wallpaper Generator

Some of you asked me how to use the Wallpaper tool. Unfortunately I did not had much time to write a documentation or simple help file, because I wrote it just as a personal learning experience. Instead of it I created a small Silverlight video, which you can see here. By the way, this helps me to understand the new Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Video (Doubleclick for fullscreen mode)

Some of you would say that this posting was just a poor try to get more visits by using some buzzwords in the title. Yes, it is 🙂

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  1. Jana's Blog says:

    Und wieder ist eine coole WPF Anwendung geboren. Ein Microsoft Kollege hat in den Wallpaper Generator

  2. Se trata de una aplicación para crear un fondo de escritorio creada con WPF, para mas información podeis

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