New DreamScene Content available?

Totally off topic: I just noticed a new update in the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras section and it seems to be a new content pack for Windows DreamScene, but I am not really sure. Long Zheng, could you please make an official statement? 🙂  

Silverlight Video of Wallpaper Generator

Some of you asked me how to use the Wallpaper tool. Unfortunately I did not had much time to write a documentation or simple help file, because I wrote it just as a personal learning experience. Instead of it I created a small Silverlight video, which you can see here. By the way, this helps…


Cool Wallpaper Generator

I finished reading a book about Windows Presentation Foundation, which helps me a lot to understand the new concepts of Windows programming. And now I created my first WPF program and you could be the first to try it out 🙂 This program “Wallpaper Generator” makes it easy to create a collage of your photo…


Listas: New Microsoft Live Labs Preview

Not related to Microsoft CRM, but nevertheless interesting: Have you seen the new Microsoft Live Labs Preview “Listas”? It is a cool Windows Live Service for the creation, management and sharing of notes, lists, and images. Just try it out and extend my existing list of Microsoft CRM Bloggers. To get startet all you need…


Vista CRM Search Gadget

If you haven’t read about the Vista – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Search Gadget yet, please read this first: Thanks to TourismVI, there is now a solution regarding the empty value bug: For all those struggling with the CS0103 error I have the solutione! Move the following line from default.aspx.cs up ABOVE the try block.DataRow dataRow =…