Kerberos Error Configuring SQL Server Linked Server for Delegation

Today I want to post about my findings on a case involving a linked server between two SQL Server servers. Before anything else I want to give thanks to my colleague Ignacio Alonso Portillo, who was kindly enough to help me not only with this support case but with many others too. My customer called…


Unexpected Behavior Setting Up Firewall Rules with Clustered SQL Server Instances

If you have ever try to setup firewall rules in your network to manage access to SQL Server you have probably found a somehow weird behavior when connecting to a clustered instance. In this particular case my customer was finding that the rules she had configured on her Windows firewall were working fine when connecting…


Lesson Learnt while Configuring Security on a Job Running through Linked Server

This case taught me a very useful lesson about how impersonation works when executing a SQL Server Job using a linked server. If this scenario is new for you too, I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did. In this case my customer was trying to run a stored procedure using a linked…


SQL Server 2005 Service Pack does not Update all the Installed Components

Some weeks ago I received a call from one of our customers concerning the SP3 installation on SQL Server 2005. The customer was choosing to install the Service Pack from Microsoft Update (as you probably know, Microsoft Update is a superset of Windows Update that takes care of updating not only Windows OS components but…


Open Windows Firewall Ports for SQL Server the Easy Way

After installing a new SQL Server 2008 instance on my Windows 7 laptop I find myself unable to logon locally into the instance by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). I know that due to the changes introduced in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Firewall this was possibly due to an open port missing….


"Unable to create computer account on DC" error installing SQL Server 2005 cluster on Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 introduces significant changes to the Windows Cluster Service. The new Windows Cluster security model is one of the most important of these changes and will require seasoned SQL Server administrator to update her/his old-and-trusted knowledge. Some days ago I was facing a problem trying to install a SQL Server 2005 cluster on…


Enabling Certificate for SSL on a SQL Server 2005 Clustered Installation

This week I has been working on a case about the installation of a certificate on a SQL Server cluster. My customer wanted to use certificates to encrypt client connections via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a method supported by SQL Server 2005 that allows to secure communications between clients and database servers (you can read…


CA eTrust Antivirus reports infection by JS/Snz.A on sqlcast blog!

Update (1st. January): CA has released a new eTrust definitions update that corrects the error (build 5421), apparently this was a false positive; thanks to a reader for reporting on this. No word from CA so far (issue number 16683491 01). I have discovered the following virus detection message appearing on Windows computers using CA…