“Failed to find a cluster group that owned shared disk” SQL Server 2005 setup error

I think it could be interesting to share this SQL Server 2005 setup error since the message written in the setup logs was not clearly exposing the root-cause of the issue. In this case my customer was trying to update to Service Pack 3 (SP3) a SQL Server 2005 clustered instance. The error that we…


Lesson Learnt while Configuring Security on a Job Running through Linked Server

This case taught me a very useful lesson about how impersonation works when executing a SQL Server Job using a linked server. If this scenario is new for you too, I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did. In this case my customer was trying to run a stored procedure using a linked…


SQL Server 2005 Service Pack does not Update all the Installed Components

Some weeks ago I received a call from one of our customers concerning the SP3 installation on SQL Server 2005. The customer was choosing to install the Service Pack from Microsoft Update (as you probably know, Microsoft Update is a superset of Windows Update that takes care of updating not only Windows OS components but…


Open Windows Firewall Ports for SQL Server the Easy Way

After installing a new SQL Server 2008 instance on my Windows 7 laptop I find myself unable to logon locally into the instance by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). I know that due to the changes introduced in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Firewall this was possibly due to an open port missing….


Do Not Use Cluster Server Recovery Utility on 64-bits Windows Server

You probably have heard about Cluster Server Recovery Utility before, a nice Windows utility that alleviate some of the burden associated with Cluster changes (restoring checkpoint files, changing disk signatures, storage migration, etc.). The Microsoft download page clearly states this utility is not suited for Windows Server 64-bits systems but I have recently found several…


“SQLBrowser start request failed” Error Installing SQL Server 2008

I worked last day on an very tricky SQL Server 2008 setup problem and think it is worth the time sharing here what I discovered. In this case my customer was trying to install SQL Server 2008 on a Windows XP SP3 computer to support a locally installed ERP software package. The SQL Server 2008…


How to Quickly Review your SQL Server Cluster Configuration on Windows Server 2003

Working at Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS), we are frequently asked by our customers to check their SQL Server cluster configuration.  Event though the task of installing and configuring a SQL Server cluster have been simplified every new Windows Server version, it is not strange to find clusters with non-optimal configurations. Part of this problem…


Import Export Wizard is not Copy Database Wizard

During a recent work with one of our customers I did notice that it is not always clear what tools are available and required to copy SQL Server database objects, understanding “object” as a whole database or only part of it (table, view, user, etc.) As part of this work, my customer was trying to…