Introduction – Joon Kyu Lee

Hello. I’m Joon Kyu Lee who is working as Microsoft Support Engineer for APS(Analytics Platform System) and ADW(Azure SQL Data Warehouse). I would like to share my daily work and experience about SQL Server Data Platform and Big Data Analytics.


Mapping a login to a user in Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Recently I got an inquiry from one customer who needed to move Azure SQL Data Warehouse(ADW) database into another existing Azure SQL Server. We can move Azure SQL Server including ADW database with “Move” function in Azure Portal.  Customer had to move only ADW database. After moving ADW database through creating new database from backup…


How to create user-defined restore points on Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft announced user-defined restore point on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This feature enables you to manually trigger snapshots to create restore points of your data warehouse before and after large modifications. This capability ensures that restore points are logically consistent which provides additional data protection in case of any workload interruptions or user errors for…