I’ve got some feedback to my recent blogs … mostly in the form of questions: so here are some (hopefully useful) answers. Andrew asked about my thoughts on general compiler design. I’d sum it up in one phrase – Keep It Simple – break the compilation process into a series of small discreet steps. Don’t…


Developing the Compiler

Working on a compiler can be difficult: you can make what you think is a minor change to fix a bug, check it in to the source tree. If you get the fix wrong and you are lucky, you’ll have your QA team telling you that you just broke a whole series of tests. If…


What Compiler Do You Use?

This is a common question I get asked at a lot of conferences: users are always interested in what tools we use internally. The answer is complicated. First: there is no one single version of the compiler which is used by every team at Microsoft. Each team is free to choose which ever version of…



Welcome: everyone else seems to be blogging so I thought I’d join them.A little bit about myself. I’ve been working on compilers for longer than I care to remember (Pascal, Fortran, Modula-2, C and most recently C++). For the last 10 years I’ve been a developer on the Visual C++ compiler team: currently I am…


I've been Relocated!

It was decided that the “official” Microsoft Blog site would be on – so I’ve moved my blog here. I’ll repost my previous blog entries so that they are all located in one place.