IE9 Site Pinning enabled on my blog

Check out site pinning on my blog. You’ll obviously need Windows 7 and IE9. To get started, follow the directions or drag the favicon on this page and drop onto your taskbar. Let me know what you think.


A Look at Asynchronous Script Downloads

You hear more and more about slow loading pages, and one of the big factors for this is downloading too many resources and immediate execution. Consequently, developers are looking for resource downloads and actions that they can postpone for later execution – such as after the primary part of the page is loaded and functional….


VS 2010 Adds Support for HTML5 and CSS3

  Check out the Visual Studio Web Standards Update which brings a ton of HTML5 & CSS3 support to Visual Studio 2010 SP1.   VS Web Standards Update is a free extension available for anyone who is using Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and it provides HTML5 & CSS3 support based on current W3C specifications. The Links…


Microsoft’s internal IT Department Shares Lessons of IE9 Rollout to More Than 100,000 Computers

  Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) worked closely with the Internet Explorer product team to test and deploy Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 across the enterprise. This content discusses the testing and deployment strategy that delivered Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 to more than 100,000 desktop computers around the world. Learn how Microsoft used its own deployment…


Windows 8, What We Know Today

Well, it’s an exciting time to work at Microsoft, with so many cool things unfolding before us. As you could imagine, there are lots of questions around the next generation of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8”. I look forward to the next disclosure at the BUILD conference in September – so at the moment, that’s…


Microsoft and Disney show Tron:Legacy leveraging HTML5

Wow! Another cool web experience, that runs better with IE9. Check this out: Disney TRON: Legacy Digital Book Site. Very cool experience. First off, it is HTML5, so any modern browser can run it. Second, just looking at the Behind the Scenes explanation, the development has several excellent quotes about using IE9, like “From our…


Win CMA Fest 4 Day Pass with Internet Explorer 9

Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, and Ronnie Dunn have different prize packages just waiting for you. Go to these links and follow the registration instructions. You’ll need IE9 and Windows 7, and the contest payoff could be big for the country music fan. Each artist has their own contest and they have different COOL prizes. They…


DEV332: Enhancing Pinned Sites with Windows Internet Explorer 9

This was my second session at TechEd. (I described my first here.) This session is obviously focused on site pinning, one of my favorite topics. In this session, as I described the fundamental pieces to site pinning, I showed other implementations as well as a mock conversation of how I would demo to (building…


DEV348 – Debugging Pesky HTML5 Websites with F12 in Windows Internet Explorer 9

This is a short recap of my presentation at TechEd, on . Video is here. This talk was practical advice that came from solving several customer requests that started with: “my site broke with IE9”. The talk was short on slides, but included live debugging of several live sites (please don’t shoot the messenger if…


Experiencing Flash issues with IE9 today?

I’ve had a few customers ask me about an IE9 situation where Flash app’s are appearing in the top left of the window and flashing. Turns out that this is not a IE9 bug, but something with Flash and apparently Intel HD Graphics adapters. More details can be found here on Adobe’s site. A pre-release…