Ripping music in Windows 8

Since I have a Surface RT in my house, I’m learning to see how far Windows 8 can take me with out 3rd party desktop applications. And thus, today’s dilemma -  how do I RIP music from a newly purchased CD, like I used to do with Zune software?

At first, I thought the new Xbox Music app surely would fill the gap. But, I can’t find this feature if it’s in there. I certainly can play imported music with the application, just have to make sure that the locations for my music library is known.

But, after looking around, I found an article that Change settings for ripping music that describes how to use Windows Media Player to rip. Basically, just change from Now Playing mode to Library mode (by clicking the Switch to Library button (top right, looks like 3 dots), and the RIP actions start appearing.

Now, this is not the best story in my opinion (I’d prefer to see it all in one app). And I haven’t checked to see how my Surface RT will react to this (but guessing it will be fine). However, at least I can import without having to install the Zune software (which as fantastic BTW).

Also, check out the Xbox Music app. Pretty nice. And now I’m listening to a James Dean Hicks CD, Somewhere In America, that I recently purchased.  (this is the CD that I wanted to import, and you can see it in the My Music section below).

Hope this helps someone else!


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