Surface Launch – Keynote Outline


  • The Screen
    • Why is 10.6 inches significant
    • ClearType display
    • 16x9 aspect ratio
  • Has to feel right - light (1.5 lbs), but strong
  • Micro SD Card
  • Power life, recharge speed
  • WiFi (2x2 MIMO antennae), and the hotel story
  • Video scenario
    • “transferred the movie from my device to you through my Xbox using SmartGlass with one touch”
  • Music Scenario
    • Xbox Music, unlimited streaming of music
    • “You have a surround sound, you have a stereo system, now your Xbox just became the ultimate music controller just for you”
  • Game Scenario
    • Showing off screen quality and performance
  • Surface drop test
    • Screen optically bonded, “It's fused together with the cover glass and the top screen. It's the thinnest cover glass on any tablet that's being shipped today. And on top of it, it's Gorilla Glass 2.0. So you know it's pretty sturdy, and I'm going to prove that for you”
    • VaporMg, we're able to mold the largest pieces of magnesium right out of the factory and make sure we're giving you this watch-quality finish”
    • “You can drop it in 72 different orientations. If you can find that many orientations, good luck. You can actually drop it 72 different ways, and we do, and we drop them. We drop them until we know how perfect they are so when you have them, you take them home, you can have every bit of confidence”
  • Surface, as a skateboard
    • Sinofsky on skateboard (wheels mounted on device as toughness test)
  • Kick Stand
    • 3 custom hinges, the usefulness of 22 degree tilt
    • Video Recording (cameras on front and back)
  • Touch Cover
    • “flux fountain of magnets”
    • a keyboard, yet a stand too
  • Office is built-in (Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Word)
  • Multitasking with Snapped View
  • Annie Wang (recent Harvard graduate, cofounder of, blogger)
    • “I'm actually writing a blog post for our campus using Word, the post is on how Surface is going to be a great device for college students”
    • importing pictures via USB port from Sinofsky’s camera
  • Sinofsky concludes
  • Surface video


Video of Surface Launch Event in NYC

  • Remarks by Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows Division, New York City, Oct. 25, 2012
  • Video
  • Transcript


YouTube Videos from Surface team

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