Preparing for the Windows 8 Opportunity

Yes, there’s a new O/S coming from Microsoft. It’s more different than any Windows before. Windows is truly reimagined. It’s also a big opportunity for our customers and our partners, across the whole ecosystem. As my DPE friends and I work with partners to prepare for the coming wave of goodness, I want to point out some resources that I share on a daily basis.

My blog has been quiet for several months now. I look forward to telling more about my experience with Windows 8, as I’ve been using it everyday for several months now. I also can’t wait to show off some of the app’s that our team has been a part of.

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  1. Simon says:

    I'm already being asked by corporate customers to support alternative platforms for my software as they see Windows 8 as an extreme risk due to metro.  These are the same kinds of customers that are still considering rolling out Windows 7 and in a couple of cases were about to start doing it but have stopped to review Apple and Linux solutions instead (we're talking 30,000+ users in both cases – I've never seen customers with that many machines even consider non MS desktop solutions before so you've really riled them), but they are literally panicked about 8 and see it as a major risk area.

    I really wouldn't mind a Win8 tablet but the primary place I use a computer is a desktop, either at home, at work or at client sites they're always desktops.  I carry a laptop, but even that isn't suited to the new UI so I'm also feeling uncertain and found myself checking out competitive IDE's and platforms.

    I guess after Vista Microsoft is unable to sustain another major platform failure and that's what everyone is feeling; every non-web developer I've spoken to has been on edge about the survival of Microsoft if this goes badly.  Even web developers are checking out alternative platforms.

    I've always supported and liked Microsoft, but everything about this new tranche of products is risky for me and others to adopt.

  2. Jens says:

    I feel the same.

    Microsoft is on best way to lost a lot of corporate customers.

    The Metro Jail is wrong way for this kind of users.

  3. I am a die hard fan of Microsoft but its recent software development is making it future darker

    I feel the same way Metro UI would be the main reason for Windows 8 failure and the whole episode of windows vista would be repeated once again 🙁

    To the developers and team behind Windows 8 what on the earth did you think why would a desktop or a laptop user need Metro UI

    I personally think computer, laptops, notebooks, etc should be kept different from mobile, tablets, etc

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