CES Keynote Summary

Well, I think it was a good showing for Microsoft again. I think the keynote was entertaining and informative, and shows that we have a broad set of business. Take a look and see if you agree. I’ve provided an outline below (with some time stamps so you can jump right to a point of interest), as well as a few quotes that stood out to me.





  • Introduction by CES CEO
  • Very cool video showing history of MSFT and CES, musically synthesized.
  • Ryan Seacrest arrives at 9:40
  • WP7, 12:50. Derek Snyder demos.
  • WP Hardware Partners, 23:00
    • T-Mobile will offer Nokua Lumia 710 and 800 in Canada, and Lumia 710 in US
    • Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T 4G LTE (4.3 in. display) in US
    • HTC Titan II, on AT&T (4.7 in. screen, 16MP camera
  • Windows PC, 26:30
    • 1.3B Windows PC's in-use on our planet, the #1 smart device by audience size
    • Windows 7 hardware video (29:00)
      • Sony Vaio Z (15 hours of battery life),
      • Asus Zenbook UX21 (go 1 week on standby),
      • Acer Aspire S3 (1/2" thin)
      • Toshiba Portege Z830 (world's lightest 13" laptop)
      • Dell XPS 14z (14" screen in 13" Chassis)
      • Lenovo IdeaPad 300 (book like silhouette)
      • Sumsung Series 9 (small, light)
      • HP Envy14 Spectre (the first multi-surface glass notebook, )
  • Windows 8 demo, Tami Reller (CMO Windows), 31:15
    • "Silicon partners, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments are all working hard with us to bring Windows to ARM, together with our OEMs. And this all means that the widest possible range of PCs and tablets will be available for Windows 8 across architectures, giving customers more choice and more flexibility"
  • Windows Store, 36:49
    • Cut The Rope, from ZeptoLab
    • "The Windows Store will be global, available in every language that is offered for Windows, and that's more than 100 languages. Free and paid apps will be available in more than 200 markets around the world, and that's just an incredible reach. And the store it not just for consumers, if they want businesses can actually use the Windows Store to deliver their business apps and updates to employees."
  • Windows today
    • "Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system of all time. Five hundred million users on the planet for Windows 7. We're licensing about seven new copies a second. And by my calculation, I think that means by the time we wrap up today, there are probably 25,000 new Windows 7 users on this planet." SteveB
    • "Every Windows 7 PC will be ready for Windows 8 on day one. So, the 3 million people who have already come to our website and downloaded the Windows 8 preview, boom, they can do it from any Windows PC ever made."
  • Tweet choir, 49:15
  • Xbox, 52:40
    • "In a sense, Xbox kind of represents the best of a part of our DNA that we're really proud about. We make these big, bold bets. We invest for the long-term. And we make exciting things happen. And we're 10 years later, we're the world's sales leader in the last year for consoles, which is exciting as heck. We have over 66 million Xbox users. And perhaps the most amazing thing is, we have over 40 million Xbox Live subscribers tuning in on a regular basis for a variety of different entertainment experiences."
    • Shipped 18M Kinects in the last year
  • Craig Davidson demos Xbox Kinect and TV functionality, 56:05
    • Announcing partnership with News Corporate, and the new Fox Xbox app
    • U-Verse coming
    • Two-way TV, demo'd by Jaymi Bauer, 1:03:04, Kinect Sesame Street TV
  • 1:08:37, Kinect Video, and announcement bringing Kinect to Windows 8 on FEB 1st
  • Closing - Quick Mentions
    • "Sync, which we've worked on with Ford. Sync is now installed, powering intelligent experiences in over 4 million Ford vehicles since 2007, and I think we'll reach 9 million additional cars in the course of the next three years."
    • Office 2010, fastest selling version of Office in company history, per Frank S. post above
    • Office 365, used by 80M+ people
    • Skype, 200 million people who used over 300 billion minutes of voice and video
  • What's next?
    • Metro, metro, metro
    • Windows 8

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