Crazy Reading This Week

Just had to share these

ars technica: Microsoft wishes Linux a happy 20th birthday, AUG 17. Interesting quote: Microsoft's relationship with Linux was one of several topics that Zemlin discussed during his keynote. He showed a classic quote from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who infamously described Linux as a "cancer" in 2001. Joking that Ballmer's hostile characterization of Linux was only partly accurate, Zemlin pointed out that Microsoft is one of the largest contributors to version 3.0 of the Linux kernel by code volume.

CNET: Microsoft lists 'App Store' as a Windows 8 feature, AUG 17. I usually don’t post these as I can’t confirm the rumors, but this one refers to the new Windows 8 blog, B8, and quotes Steven Sinofsky from there.

PcMag: Microsoft Tips Its Future Living Room: Xbox, Mediaroom, Apps. AUG 17. I don’t have any inside info on this one, but I love the direction of this article. Interesting quote: Underneath the Xbox, however, lies Mediaroom, which also powers set-top boxes such as AT&T's U-Verse, plus boxes from BT and Deutsche Telekom. But Microsoft also made the conscious decision to treat Mediaroom as a "white box" product, letting AT&T brand its box the way it chose. Over 40 different operators have launched boxes using the technology, which touch 7 million subscriber households…

WinRumors: Three new Bing Facebook commercials released. AUG 16. This article has the videos embedded, which show the integration of Facebook into Bing (showing your friends’ likes in your search results). Plus talks about the upcoming HTML5 application.

Network World: Internet Explorer protects best against socially engineered malware, AUG 15. Interesting quote: Internet Explorer scored a 99.2% protection score in the firm's most recent test of socially engineered malware distribution, with Google Chrome coming in a distant second with 13.2%. Trailing behind it were Safari and Firefox tying with 7.6% each, and Opera pulling up last with 6.1%.  And then another quote, which ended the article: In general, users are four times more likely to be socially engineered into downloading malware than they are to fall victim to a software exploit.

Information Week: Bing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness, AUG 12. Interesting quote: While Google may control the lion's share of the search market, queries made through Microsoft's Bing search engine lead users to click on a Web page at a significantly higher rate than queries made through Google, according to data released Thursday. The success rate for Bing searches in the U.S. in July was 80.04%, compared to 67.56% for Google, according to Experian Hitwise.

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