Windows 8, What We Know Today

Well, it’s an exciting time to work at Microsoft, with so many cool things unfolding before us. As you could imagine, there are lots of questions around the next generation of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8”. I look forward to the next disclosure at the BUILD conference in September – so at the moment, that’s what we have to wait for. You can NOT make any full conclusions yet – this was just a little peek. For now, refer to these “Windows 8” resources, the only definitive statements that have been made from Microsoft:

  • Demonstration video on YouTube (Building "Windows 8" - Video #1) – high quality online or download the mp4 (right click to save).
  • Ecosystem demonstration featuring prototype hardware – video online.
  • All Things D video presentation – video online (from D9 event, content controlled by All Things Digital, not full copy of event)
  • Press release – “Microsoft Previews ‘Windows 8"’”
  • BUILD conference – for developers this is where to learn more and sign up.
  • Article by Julie Larson-Green, corporate vice president, Windows Experience

I see lots of questions and unmerited deduction occurring. Stay tuned! The story is still unfolding, and we just got the opening cover pulled back to the Windows 8 story. See you at the BUILD conference!

Comments (4)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    Epic Fail on the messaging around Windows 8. Stay tuned?!?!?!…/622

  2. Jon Box says:

    Yep, stay tuned. What is posted above are the only official mesages that I know of.

  3. Richard McEnery says:


    Do you really expect people to fork out several thousand dollars (conference registration, airfare, hotel, etc.) to come to BUILD with ONLY this level of information? The deadline for early pricing is August 1. Do you really mean to tell me there cannot or will not be any other info, even session titles, tracks, etc. before August 1? After MIX11's serious lack of focus, a lot of people are going want more info before they register.  

  4. Jon Box says:

    I think they'll share some of the agenda. But, you can bet that you will like what is shared there. And even if you don't go, you'll still have access to the content. I understand that it's expensive, as it comes out of my travel budget too. The positive to going is that I can interact directly (f2f) with the product team, and that's what I recommend to you to consider. Otherwise, I'd stay home and learn remotely. Either way, I expect good news coming from the event.

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