WP7 Stencil Kit

Thought this was kinda cool. It’s made by UI Stencils, and they produce stencils for other popular platforms.


The Windows Phone 7 Stencil Kit allows you to mock-up app ideas with ease. Use the precision cut stainless steel stencil to let the ideas flow. Perfect for doodling user interface, user experience, app flows and wireframe ideas. Do check out our previous post about 20 free prototyping, sketching, mockup and wireframing resources for Windows Phone and official Download for Windows Phone 7 Buttons.

UI Stencils have released the stencil for $24.99. This kit was co-developed by the Windows Phone internal design team at Microsoft. It features the current Metro design language and iconography. The kit comes with:

  • Stainless steel stencil
  • Zebra mechanical pencil
  • Plastic protector
  • 2 UI Stencils stickers
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