Some Notes After Watching the IE9 Launch Event Video

Yes, we were just outside the IE9 Launch Press Conference. But, I was with customers. I could see monitors showing the events, but couldn’t hear it. A few days afterwards, I did post a few notes about where to find the transcript, recording, some of the launch partners, etc.

But, I hadn’t seen the actual event until today. I downloaded the video, and watched it on a flight from Chicago O’hare to Las Vegas (on a Saturday no less). And there are are some good quotes from our presenters.

  • Why build IE9? To bring all the benefits of a modern PC with Windows to browsing the web to where it really matters [1:37]
  • Building a browser is important to Microsoft, because browsing is the top activity that people do on their PC” [2:30]
  • Consumers wish their web app’s to be rich, silky smooth as the applications they use. To do that, their web sites need to tap into the power of the underlying hardware the same way that applications do [03:00]
  • The browser is only as good as the operating system it runs on [3:15]
  • 22,877 pieces of feedback, 5,887 test cases submitted to standards bodies, 94 test drive demos [5:05]
  • 40 million of downloads before release, making it fastest IE beta ever [6:00]
  • The browser should be a stage, and the site should be the star of the show [7:30]
  • IE9 offers industry leading protection for the real world threats that people face on the web. Experts have been clear about the quality of the work done here.  [8:20]
  • Demo’s
  • Foursquare Playground [14:25]
  • Shows nearby community based on check-ins
  • HTML5, Geolocation, Bing Maps
  • KEXP Archive, radio station in Seattle [17:45]
  • rich viewing experience with HTML5
  • needs hardware acceleration that IE9 provides
  • “IE9 is the first browser to take advantage of the CPU and GPU” [20:30]
  • Shows the same experience in Firefox on Macbook Pro, and it’s not good
  • Kung Fu, Master of the Web [22:30]
  • HTML5 game experience
  • shows same game in Chrome on the Macbook, and still not good
  • Mike Tomkins, acapella singer [25:00]
  • does a remake of Katy Perry song
  • shows audio and video experience, of Mike’s different soundtracks
  • 16 different videos playing at the same time
  • Also shows a do-it-yourself mixer [27:30]. Make your own tracks, and they can be shared on Facebook or Twitter
  • Zombie Tycoon [29:00]
  • based on pre-release of Adobe Flash 11
  • leverages Molehill 3D API’s
  • Ze Frank and Star.Me, online entertainer [31:30]
  • social media meets social gaming
  • virtual gift environment
  • HTML5, rich experience, cross platform way
  • “we poop rainbows”
  • “thank it forward”

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