IE9 and HTML5 shine with Pirates Love Daisies


Grant Skinner just announced a web-based, tower defense style game he built entirely in HTML5, titled ‘Pirates Love Daisies’. It was a project that he did for the IE team. Davy Jones is sending his scurvy minions to steal your most valuable possessions: your daisies! Only your stalwart crew can stop them before they take all your fragrant flowers to the murky depths…

I’ve just started checking out the game, and it’s an interesting experience. While it’s definitely entertaining, it’s also amazing to consider that this is HTML and JavaScript. When the game begins, it has a splash screen as it is downloading some elements. Just interacting with this screen gives a clue that this is a different experience. Moving the mouse around the flowers on the screen looks like I’m in a Flash or Silverlight application.

Then getting into game, it’s definitely intuitive and you get started very quickly. With all of the characters and ammunition firing, it feels like that I’m in a game console playing a .  Check it out and see if you can get your high score on the public leaderboard. I’m definitely into saving daisies now.

I’d love to hear about your playing experience, even if you’re not using IE9. Note, it will take a modern browser to make this work.

More details here:

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