October 11th WP7 Press Conference with ATT


On October 11th, Microsoft announced more about Windows Phone 7. Leveraging Steve Ballmer and Joe Belfiore (the phone mastermind leader), the phone was shown with some of it’s big capabilities, carrier partners, app partners, and OEM partners. Here is the video and transcript, but I also typed a outline/summary:

  • Introduction – Steve Ballmer
    • “We've focused in on the way real people really want to use their phones when they're on the go. We want to let you get in, out, and back to life, and have that be as fast and simple as humanly possible”
    • Two Key Themes
      • Always delightful
      • Wonderfully mine (4:50)
    • A set of beautiful devices from name brand OEM’s (9 devices from LG, Samsung, Dell, and HTC)
    • 60 mobile operators in 30 countries (7:00)
  • Ralph De La Vega, president and chief operating officer for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets (7:30)
    • “Together we launched the first Windows Mobile device back in 2003”
    • “proud to announce that beginning on November the 8th Windows Phone 7 will be a cornerstone of our leading smartphone portfolio, and we'll be launching not one, not two, but three amazing new devices from LG, from HTC, and from Samsung”
    • “Starting next month, we'll bring this capability to Windows Phone 7 customers, and if you don't have AT&T Uverse TV but still want to watch hit shows like Mad Men and ESPN right on your smartphone, we're going to let you do that nationwide for any Windows Phone for a low monthly fee. And that's just one of the ways we're working with Microsoft to extend this operated Uverse TV experience to more devices.”
    • “We're also excited about one new capability for Uverse. In just a few days, Uverse will be available on Xbox 360. You can get the Uverse TV experience using your Xbox 360 as your Uverse receiver, and we're the first TV provider in the U.S. to offer this.”
  • Joe Belfiore (14:20)
    • Tiles, Pictures,
    • Email, PowerPoint,
    • “these capabilities are not just limited to sort of looking at content, but also editing” (23:25)
    • after onscreen typing demo, “I was cranking away there, and Windows Phone just figured all that out.” (26:00), applause
    • Outlook integration
    • Shared calendar view (27:40)
    • “I’ll be late button”
    • Address Highlighting – live connection to Bing Maps application
    • Search button (30:00), Bing search, location share,
    • Voice integration (TellMe), flight search (34:00), applause
    • People Hub – recent, speed dial, social consumption, speed wall posting, easy setup, combined contact view from different email and social services
    • Pictures Hub (38:45) – shows friends pictures automatically, pictures from PC, albums from Facebook, see comments on pictures,etc.
    • Office Hub (40:40) – OneNote, SharePoint integration, OneNote viewing whether you have Office loaded/purchased
    • Music Hub (42:50) – history, podcasts,open 3rd party application integration (iheartradio, Slacker), Zune pass
    • 3rd Party Applications (45:45) – “thousands of applications that people are developing right now”, shows applications from eBay, IMDB,  and AT&T’s Uverse.
    • Games Hub (49:40)
      • “Windows Phone will be the only phone that gives access to games that work with Xbox Live”,
      • Xbox Live Extras, earn prizes
      • Game: Ilo Milo, coming to AT&T phones and Xbox Live
      • At launch, EA will have a suite of games. Today’s demo: Sims
    • “Our phones support an update mechanism, so we can get software updates out to people, and continue to improve the experience over time. And one of the things that's nice in the way we've worked with our hardware partners is that all the phones will get the update.” (55:26)
    • “we're hearing from our customers, and we're going to get this feature in, so everyone who buys a Windows Phone this holiday will be able to get an update with copy and paste in early 2011” (55:45)
  • Steve Ballmer concludes (56:15)
    • Hardware Partner Video (56:53) – Qualcomm, Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung. About 3 minutes
    • “There you have it, the Windows Phone, a different kind of phone, a phone that is really designed to try to be always delightful, wonderfully personal, and help people get in, out, and back to life” (59:30)

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