Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp – Silverlight, XNA, and Windows Phone 7

As I’m posting this, I’m in Seattle at a week of internal MS training. And there’s an emphasis on several products – and one of the top ones is Windows Phone 7 (or WP7). They are showing 3 different phone devices here, and all the employees are going crazy to get one. The sessions that I’ve sat in on show a snappy, social, reliable device. I think we really have something here – so if you’re a developer or thinking that you might want to look at WP7 development, I think you need to check into this. It’s free, just like the tools (which are in Beta status at the moment).

Are you ready to gain access to the latest tools, turning your hobby into a source of revenue, or expand your network?

Stop dreaming. Start building. Join us for a new series of Windows Phone 7 Bootcamps where you can get an inside track on how to be part of the next step of Microsoft’s mobile strategy and get hands-on training for building Silverlight-based applications.  These free, live learning sessions explore the latest tools, discuss tips and technologies, and provide access to Windows Phone 7 experts.

ATTEND these special events and learn about:

  • the Windows Phone 7 platform
  • building Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone 7
  • submitting your application to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore with a Hands-on Lab where you can leverage the Windows Phone 7 Experts and your peers as you build your Windows Phone 7 Application.




Nashville, TN

July 27

Cincinnati, OH

July 29

Minneapolis, MN

August 3

Dallas, TX

August 4

Indianapolis, IN

August 5

Overland Park, KS

August 5

Columbus, OH

September 7

Waukesha, WI

September 14

Grand Rapids, MI

September 14

Little Rock, AR

September 15

Cleveland, OH

September 15

St. Louis, MO

September 16

Southfield, MI

September 21

Austin, TX

September 22

Des Moines, IA

September 23

Tulsa, OK

September 28

Memphis, TN

September 29

Houston, TX

September 30

Knoxville, TN

September 30

Chicago, IL

October 8

Downers Grove, IL

October 20

Events run from 8am–5pm

Seating for the live event is limited, so register today.

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