Windows Azure Platform Expands Global Availability to 41 Countries

Starting April 9, 2010, the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, including Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Windows Azure platform AppFabric will be generally available in an additional 20 countries, making our flexible cloud services platform available to a global customer base and partner ecosystem across 41 countries.

On Feb 1 2010, we announced the general availability of the Windows Azure platform in 21 countries and starting today our global footprint will increase to an additional 20 countries in the following currencies:

·         Australia $ AUD

·         Brazil $ USD

·         Chile $ USD

·         Columbia $ USD

·         Costa Rica $ USD

·         Cyprus € EUR

·         Czech Republic € EUR

·        Greece € EUR

·         Hong Kong $ USD

·         Hungary € EUR

·         Israel $ USD

·         Luxemburg € EUR

·         Malaysia $ USD

·         Mexico $ USD

·         Peru $USD

·         Philippines $ USD

·         Poland € EUR

·         Puerto Rico $ USD

·         Romania € EUR

·         Trinidad and Tobago $ USD

For more stories about how customers are using Windows Azure Platform to cut costs and increase agility, be sure to read the latest customer case studies.

Partners interested in building and growing their business in the cloud with the Windows Azure platform should check out the offers available to them, as well as a resource guide, and readiness resources available to help them get started.

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