McDonalds Leverages IE8 Web Slice and Silverlight for McNuggets Village

Wow, this is a cool. McDonalds, Tribal DDB (their agency on this project), and some of my DPE teammate have built McNuggets Village. This site will host a survey for the best dipping sauce at McDonalds, as well as introduce their new Sweet Chili Sauce. I’m a BBQ sauce fan myself, but I’ve got to check this out now. How can this Sweet Chili Sauce score better than BBQ?

McDonald’s web site is using Silverlight (just like the NBC Olympics site), and so is the IE8 web slice. That’s really cool. Who knew that Ronald could write XAML?!? 8->

To get to the web slice, go to the village, or download from McDonald’s page in the IE8 gallery.



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