IE9 and HTML5 shine with Pirates Love Daisies

  Grant Skinner just announced a web-based, tower defense style game he built entirely in HTML5, titled ‘Pirates Love Daisies’. It was a project that he did for the IE team. Davy Jones is sending his scurvy minions to steal your most valuable possessions: your daisies! Only your stalwart crew can stop them before they…


P&P publishes WP7 Developers Guide

  Windows® Phone 7 provides an exciting new opportunity for companies and developers to build applications that travel with users, are interactive and attractive, and are available whenever and wherever users want to work with them. By combining Windows Phone 7 applications with on-premises services and applications, or remote services and applications that run in…


Microsoft TENN is Hiring

  The Heartland District has an immediate opening for an Optimized Desktop Technology Solutions Professional covering enterprise accounts in Tennessee. As an Optimized Desktop Specialist, your role is to drive the technical sales process for Microsoft’s Optimized Desktop solutions including Windows 7 Enterprise, MDOP, IE8, and Office 2010 Pro Plus… You can live anywhere in…


Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners

Clint Rutkas is one cool dude, and he proves it again right here. He and some friends have created a great video series so that almost anyone can get into the WP7 programming development game.


WP7 Marketplace Anti-Piracy Guidance

  The mobility team has delivered a whitepaper on securing your application. The outline looks like: Application Lifecycle in Windows Phone Marketplace Leak Prevention Leak Containment Future Anti-Piracy Enhancements


Silverlight Firestarter–DEC 2nd, RSVP, FREE

You’re invited to a very special event on December 2nd, 2010 Learn about the future of Silverlight from Corporate Vice President, Scott Guthrie and other experts, direct from Microsoft’s HQ. Hear about our plans for the next version of Silverlight, the latest developments as well as in-depth sessions on building applications with Silverlight. Registration is…


PDC10: Introducing HTML5 Vector Graphics

Presenter: Patrick Dengler, Senior Program Manager, IE team Presentation   Agenda intro to Vector Graphics Differences in 2 vector graphics models (Immediate vs. Retained) overview of <canvas> intro to SVG Direction on when to use each What are Vector Graphics? Geometrical primitives shapes, pionts, lines, polygons Simple callout in a document or illustration Moderate charts,…


PDC10: Best Practices for Building Cross-Browser Web Applications

  Presenter: Tony Ross, Program Manager Presentation Note: the session PPT has good notes on each slide. Goal: empower you to build robust sites capable of surviving on the constantly-changing web platform Topics Same Markup Browser Detection Feature Detection Same Markup Demo SVG-oids, runs on other browsers you can see the code, and there’s no…


PDC10: Taking Advantage of Pinned Sites with IE9 and Windows 7

Presenter: Israel Hilerio, Ph.D., Principal Program Manager Video Win7 Taskbar Overview taskbar button overlay icons jump list, static and dynamic thumbnail taskbar Pinned Sites (16:15) Goals closer relationship between users and their favorites sites Allow web sites to promote their brand outside of the browser Seamless integration of web site into desktop experience Web sites…


PDC10: Unlocking the JavaScript Opportunity with IE9

Presenter: Gaurav Seth, Senior Program Manager, JavaScript runtime team video In This Session Evolution of Chakra (IE JavaScript Engine) New functionality for Developers JavaScript Evolotion Apps now use 1000’s of lines of JavaScript Functionalaity and complexity like a desktop app JavaScript in IE8 Interpreter Designed for many hosts Optimized for fast startup efficient memory utilization…