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Deep Fried Bytes, Technology Podcast

Chris “Woody” Woodruff and Keith Elder host the entertaining and informative Deep Fried Bytes podcast “with a Southern flavor”. In Episode 41, Woody and Keith interview yours truly about Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

We touch on a variety of topics, and the guys made it a pleasure to participate. They have an interesting setup on how to do this remotely, and churn out a quality recording experience.

Some of the interesting topics from the interview:

  • The guys talk about my involvement in the origins of the show
  • We talk about the types of IE8 add-on’s, with real world examples
  • We also talked about typical IE8 chaff like performance and security

This was recorded a while back. I wished that our efforts with Dolly Parton would have been out at the recording time, so that I could have talked about an IE8 web slice, built with Silverlight, and utilizing video. Plus, Dolly’s IE8 video on YouTube would have made for some interesting conversation. You can get the full details in my blog post.

Back when the guys and I were discussing this, we talked about leveraging IE8 add-on’s as a way to enhance the conversation. In explaining a simple way to leverage IE8 search providers, we not only created the DFB Search Provider (found here in the IE8 gallery), but it also was the impetus to my post, Create a Simple IE8 Search Provider. So, install the search provider, come back here and highlight/select the text of my name, Jon Box, and check out the experience of a simple search provider (leveraging a site’s existing search page). But for a cool search experience, check out Buzztap (story here), especially if you like sports.

Finally, I recommend checking out more than just my interview. Woody and Keith are creating quite the list of celebrities. The previous episode has Scott Guthrie, recorded at PDC. Therefore, I recommend checking out their RSS feed, their Facebook page, their Twitter updates, or Zune podcast info. All the details here on their ABOUT page.

My “thanks” to Keith and Woody for this!

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