More Press on Windows 7, and a related cool Wikipedia page

From the Great Lakes IT Report, a couple of Detroit office folks were interviewed about Windows 7 in Matt Checks Out Windows 7; He’s Converting Soon. Here are some impressive quotes:

I got a good long look at Windows 7 Monday morning, and it looks like a nice improvement over Windows Vista.

Perhaps most importantly, according to Brendan Newell, senior product technology specialist for Microsoft's Central Region, "this is the first time we've released a new  operating system where hardware requirements went down."

He says he's been running Windows 7 just fine on his basic home machine, used for e-mail and Web surfing -- a five-year-old computer with only one gigabit of RAM and an Intel Celeron chip.

Newell said Microsoft retained the basic kernel from Vista, preserving its admirable security, while completely rebuilding its process control system to provide faster performance, including a faster boot time.

The article also includes a couple of links:

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