Windows Mobile next steps disclosed

PDC was very cool, but I was disappointed that not more of our mobility story was disclosed – but much smarter people than me are the holder of those plans. I am glad to see that this is now starting to come out a little. Yes, I’m waiting for WM7 and want it here today – but good things come to those who wait.

First, Motorola slipped and disclosed that there is another WM 6.X release, to be called Windows Mobile 6.5. Even Mary Jo Foley is in on the speculating.  I’m even waiting for updates on what this will be, but I see some other leaks happening too. Note the First Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots post. I’m not sure that these are for real yet, but the pictures look cool.



Second, check out what Steve Ballmer says at: Ballmer confirms Windows Mobile 6.5. In this conversation, he mentions WM 6.5 and WM 7. Stay tuned for additional reliable statements coming out on this.

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