Today was an enjoyable work day

Some days are better than others, in this rat race that we all run. Really, this has been a good week for several reasons. Jim Morgan, an account manager in our Memphis office, has been leading the charge in the Best Places to Work in Memphis contest sponsored by the Memphis Business Journal. He took me to lunch several days back for the awards ceremony (not expecting to win) – and we won! Microsoft is a great place to work.

Today, we were able to have a volunteer day for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Memphis. We had two teams of volunteers out of the Memphis office partner with a couple of the clubs to do some miscellaneous work. (Hi, Paula!) It was fun to have a day out of the normal grind, listening to how these clubs work, and catching up with some Microsoft friends. Here’s a picture after my team finished. 

This TinyURL leads me to another learning. In the corresponding Facebook page that has our picture posted, they have a link that I’d like to distribute – like to Twitter. So, I made sure that I have the IE8 TinyURL Accelerator, and BAM!, I have a compressed URL.

Now, I’m off to a local high school football game. Tomorrow, a different son’s events (flag football, and a baseball practice). And then some fellowship with friends, church on Sunday, and some weekend R&R somewhere through there.

I have to be rested up before next week. Why? 

WHY?!?!?!?!? Seems like a silly question to me. I’ll be glued to my computer watching the PDC events. Did you see that they have a mobile page at And what about the topics?  It’s a big week, and I have the time blocked off for checking out all the coverage. Our IT life changes with PDC.

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