I’m a PC!

If you're anywhere near a TV lately, you've probably seen some new ad's from Microsoft. The first two were starring Jerry Seinfield and Bill Gates, and they were certainly curios, humorous, and show a different side of Microsoft than most people see.

For some reason, a lot of folks don't understand that Microsoft is made up of real people living everyday real lives. We've got kids, we're involved in our local community, and we are from all over the world. We also like having fun including even laughing at ourselves. (Have you ever seen the WE-SYP comedy video from years ago?)

These new advertisements show some human side of us, and also go against the fallacy that people have due to other erroneous competitor advertising.

Life Without Walls

Bill Veghte, Senior VP of Online Services and Windows Business Group, is a leading voice in this initiative and explains our Life Without Walls theme:

The “Life without Walls” tagline brings another key facet of the Windows brand to life: Windows connects people not only via the PC, but also via phones, devices, and the Web. The Windows platform of Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, and Windows Live were built to work together and to expand the Windows experience beyond the PC to the phone and the Web. The campaign will reflect this holistic, connected approach.

“On our journey to make sure that Windows enables a life without walls, we’ve taken a step back, reevaluated and tuned and tweaked our approach. So you’re seeing that in the advertising, in the products, in the experience at retail and on Windows.com,” notes Veghte...

The new Windows “Life Without Walls” ads also show how Windows connects across multiple devices, such as laptops, phones, and TVs.

I'm a PC!

A major theme in this phase is the I'm a PC message. The first ad features a similar person to the PC character in the MAC vs. PC commercials. His opening line is: "I'm a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype." I like the start because it's real, it's professional, and involves no spin or cheap shots.

There are multiple ads in this phase. [Taken from Microsoft Tears Down the Walls for a Better View] The ads feature a diverse group of faces representing the one billion people who use Windows PCs worldwide, all celebrating the sense of power and community Windows enables by declaring: “I’m a PC.” The ads will feature green architect Edouard Francois, astronaut Bernard Harris and celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Deepak Chopra, but the main focus is on real PC users of all ages and from all walks of life, such as teachers, cabbies, designers and fish mongers.

The commercials are interesting, showing a variety of regular people telling their story. The related web site features a few known names but even more everyday people explaining their I'm A PC story.

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