Easier and Robust in .NET?

I thought this was interesting:


From VSLive! Keynote: NYC Sees More .NET and Open Source Development, Moving Toward SOA:

...Paul Cosgrave, commissioner of New York's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), talked up his agency's efforts to deliver both a centralized shared infrastructure, while providing flexibility to the 100-plus agencies it supports. His statements were part of the opening keynote of the VSLive! New York conference.

The City's central services infrastructure has long been based on mainframe and Java-based development, Cosgrave said in an interview. He does not see that changing. However a growing number of agencies, such as the Department of Environmental Protection, are heavily engaged with .NET development projects.

"We are finding it easier to in many ways to build in the .NET world than the Java world, so we are expanding our use of Microsoft," Cosgrave said. The large number of .NET developers and improvements to the .NET Framework, are among the factors driving the shift.

"I think there was a tendency to believe that we needed to be in the Unix-Java world to build robust things and we're now realizing we can do that in the .NET world as well. And it's easier to build in the .NET world," Cosgrave said...

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