Summer News Items

High school football practice has started, the wife is buying school supplies, Microsoft employees are on vacation all over - which means, summer is almost gone. However, just because we're in the summer doldrums, Microsoft is not slowing down. In this post, I want to point out a few things that have caught my attention lately.

First, I want to send THANKS to the Memphis PMI Chapter for hosting me and listening to my talk on Microsoft's approach to ALM. They had an audience of 80, and the group was lively. I'll add in a few links below based on the talk that I gave on Tuesday night.

Consider some interesting items from the summer:

Visual Studio Team System Resources:

And here's a new thing that I just learned - not sure how I missed it. Did you know that if you press Windows key and the "1" key, the first application on the Quick Launch will fire. Pressing Windows+2 makes the second Quick Launch app fire, etc., etc. So, for me, Windows+1 fires up VS, Windows+2 starts IE8, etc. I haven't tried this on earlier O/S's, plus I'm only running Windows Vista.


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