Microsoft Assists Ailing Blackberry

Well, although not what you might interpret by the blog post title, the below picture accurately shows how Microsoft provided another day of life to this Blackberry. It's just a joke, sort of!

Yesterday, I was at the Memphis community launch event sitting in the back listening to Colin Neller and Ron Cundiff do their thing on the Visual Studio track. Next to me was a customer contact, Donnie, who had this setup on the table, and I couldn't resist taking the picture with my WM6.1 BlackJack. Donnie told me that his Blackberry almost died except for this Windows Mobile emergency charger. Also sent the picture to Loke who posted his version last night.


blackberry-powered by windows mobile


These are cool phone chargers. I've only seen them at the Memphis Mobility Metro Lab, and they were given out by Loke (probably funded by Lillian). I've got a few extra that I'm holding for the right moment.

If you've got a cool, impactful Windows Mobile development story using Visual Studio 2008, .NET Compact Framework 3.5, or SQL CE 3.5 (and you're in TN, KY, OH, or MI), the right moment may be here for you. Tell me about it!

If you'd like to build a story, shoot me an email and I can tell you how.

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