Mobility Metro Memphis is a success!

I enjoyed last week's class. Hosted at New Horizons and co-presented with Loke Uei Tan, we had a class of 24 students and did a 100 Level overview of Windows Mobile development. Loke posted a picture of me teaching, which I appreciate. Now my manager knows what I was up to. Anyway, I had a great time.


I always learn a few things when I hang around Loke, so I'm glad he came. I can't wait until the fall when we announce some of our future mobile direction. Better get your ticket to PDC.

I was able to share some old knowledge with Loke, specifically how to connect to a remote .NETCF process. Loke posted his findings here on the Mobile Deep Dive Workshops blog.

I'm doing this again in St. Louis next week with Denny. Hope to see you there at Quilogy, or at Busch Stadium.

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